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  • November 9, 2021
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Routing Natural Tourism Areas E-Learning

Natural Tourism Routing Virtual Learning: According to the definition of the World Tourism Organization, tourism is actually a set of activities that an individual performs independently or in groups. And people who stay for at least one night and at most one year in a place other than their place of residence for the purpose of sightseeing and entertainment are called tourists. Tourism industry Tourism is generally divided into two parts: domestic and foreign or international. Today, many countries earn billions of dollars by attracting foreign tourists. Many people also travel to medical tourism by traveling to different countries and getting acquainted with their ancient culture and traditions.

Routing natural tourism areas is a competency in the field of tourism. Includes tasks such as site ecosystem description, climatology and meteorology, area routing, and routing equipment required. This profession is associated with the job of a nature guide, local guide and guide to mountainous and rural areas.

An ecosystem is a natural system consisting of plants, animals, and microorganisms (a collection of living things). Which is a certain area that interacts with all non-living physical factors and components of the environment. Climate is a set of atmospheric phenomena such as clouds, fog, rain, snow, wind, storms and lightning. The study of the physical properties and processes of formation of these phenomena is the basis of meteorological science. Climatology studies the conditions of the geographical and biological environment using the results of figures and data. In fact, climatology examines the relationship between life and other environmental events with atmospheric events. Determines the effects of atmospheric phenomena on the life of living organisms, including humans. In climatology, more than the physical properties of any atmospheric phenomenon, it is safe to its physical effects as a climatic element or factor.

Virtual training courses for routing natural tourism areas:

  • Explanation of the Iranian ecosystem
  • Explanation of climatology and meteorology of Iran
  • Routing and recognizing the natural tourism area
  • Use of tools and equipment needed in natural tourism

Prerequisites for the virtual training course for navigating natural tourism areas:

  • This course is taught from the basics and does not require any special prerequisites.

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