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  • November 9, 2021
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Rural And Tourism Hostel Manager E-Learning

Virtual training of eco-tourism managers has been created for people to get fully acquainted with the hotel manager. The director of eco-tourism houses is responsible for managing the eco-structures that organize the guests’ stay in the best possible way. Ecotourism is responsible for travel and visiting the ecology of an area. So that all the original environmental, cultural, natural, social features of the region are preserved. Generally, the selected areas for the development of ecotourism in Iran and the world have unique and interesting features for tourists that are created in the pristine and native areas of a country.

The purpose of creating this course is to train specialized human resources for the management of eco-tourism resorts and in order to increase the professional knowledge of the managers of these units. Which is designed as one of the necessary conditions to receive the management card of a first-class eco-tourism resort, based on the “executive instructions for issuing and renewing the card of managers of tourism facilities.”

What is an eco-lodge?
An eco-lodge has features that set it apart from other resorts. Ecotourism resorts are usually built-in natural and rural areas and near the pristine natural attractions of the area. These accommodations are located outside of crowded urban environments and away from traffic, noise and noise and environmental pollution. Ecotourism resorts in any area are built in the style of local house architecture. Most of these residences are old houses that have been rebuilt and reused to the public. Boom resorts are usually small and have a capacity of fewer than 30 rooms. Eco-friendly systems are used in the design of these residences. These residences should be designed in such a way that the consumption of electricity, water and also the production of waste in them is minimal and without harming the surrounding natural environment.

Topics of Virtual Training Course for Tourism Eco House Manager:
Organizing, planning and human resources in eco-tourism houses
Use of cultural and architectural conditions of the area
Use of the natural and climatic conditions of the region
Use the historical situation of the region
Application of ecotourism resorts and their structure
Application of organic equipment in ecotourism accommodation
Application of local and indigenous foods in the reception of eco-friendly guests
Communicate effectively with travel agencies
Prerequisites for the course of tourism eco-house manager:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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