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  • November 9, 2021
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Sociology At The Football Industry E-Learning

Virtual training in the application of statistics in the football industry (introductory) is a general course of familiarity with the prerequisites of commercialization management of football clubs and in the field of sports technology.

What is the sociology of sport?
Sociology of sport is the study of the role of sport in different societies and cultures. Therefore, recognizing and analyzing it can help identify culture, ethnic personality, social relations and daily communication of people in society. In addition, it is very interesting for sociology to know what factors make people with different perceptions, insights, education, social, economic class and even racial and ethnic differences agree on the color of a shirt (a sports team). Have sympathy. In other words, sports sociology is the interaction of sports with other social affairs.

Sociology of sport is a relatively new discipline that, like other sociology disciplines, describes, interprets, and predicts facts
Social and how they transform. In addition, the sociology of sport examines the study of social processes.
Social processes are dynamic forces that interact with each other to strengthen elements in social structure and culture.
Or to transform them into new forms.

Virtual training course topics for using statistics in the football industry (introductory):

  • Review of reforms and the main concepts of sociology
  • Explain the definitions of society from the perspective of classical and contemporary sociologists
  • Applying sociology in sports and other social sciences
  • Human ecology, social morphology (relationship between natural environment and society)
  • Examining the interrelationships of religion, culture and society
  • Explain the sociology of individual and group behavior
  • Research and analysis in sociology

Prerequisites for the training course on the use of statistics in the football industry (introductory):
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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