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  • November 9, 2021
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Sports Tourism Guide E-Learning

Virtual training of sports tourism guides has been created for people to be fully acquainted with the concepts of sports tourism. Sports tourism guide is a job in the field of tourism that has the following competencies: basic concepts of tourism, duties of sports tourism association and provincial committees Examining the status of public sports in relation to sports tourism, examining sports-related to sports tourism, psychology in sports tourism, public relations and art of expression and observing the principles of nutrition and health, and with jobs such as: nature guide and guide to rural and rural areas Is in touch.

Sports tourism in Iran:
Due to the potentials of our country, as well as the favorable weather conditions in comparison with Arab and European countries, it has a good position to host sports tourists. For example, due to the variety of geographical conditions that we have in Iran, we can hold tournaments and sports events in the northwest of the country and cool cities in the warm seasons and the possibility of implementing events and hosting sports tourists in the south of the country in the cold seasons. It will be available on islands such as Kish and Qeshm, but alas, there are not enough facilities in these areas and this potential cannot be used.

Definition of sports tourism:
Tourism or tourism is a subset of the tourism industry and includes traveling to different regions to participate in sports competitions and watch sports activities. Holding any of the events and competitions will be a good opportunity for investment as well as hosting, which will result in economic growth, and this issue has caused sports tourism to attract the attention of many countries in recent years.

Types of sports tourism:

  • Tourism Sport events
  • Celebrity and nostalgic sports tourism
  • Active sports tourism
  • Event enthusiasts
  • Event participants

The chapters of the virtual training course of the sports tourism guide are:
Basic concepts of tourism
Investigating the position of public sports in relation to sports tourism
Duties of the Sports Tourism Association and provincial committees
Tasks of sports tourism guide
Review of sports related to sports tourism
Investigating the effect of psychology on sports tourism
Public Relations and Expression
Observe the principles of nutrition and travel hygiene
Prerequisites for the sports tourism guide course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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