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  • November 9, 2021
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Technical Service And Protocol E-Learning

Virtual training in hospitality and formalities, hospitality and formalities is a competency in the field of hospitality that deals with tasks such as observing the principles of personal and public hygiene in the workplace and… And is related to the standard of the service attendant and the organizer of celebrations and ceremonies.

Training in environmental preparation methods for holding ceremonies and parties is done through the skill of reception techniques and ceremonies.

Although small and large ceremonies all have their own ceremonies, ceremonies dedicated to certain formal occasions are usually called ceremonies. These rituals may be social or political.
Organizing ceremonies for the travel of an important official, arranging the plans of a two-person meeting to holding an international conference, special ceremonies
They have their own, which is done according to the presence, position, and rank of people.

Catering Skills and Ceremonies:

  • Handshake etiquette in formal gatherings
  • How to meet and introduce people
  • Mobile usage etiquette in formal and non-formal communication
  • How to serve people with drinks
  • How to entertain people at dinner or lunch
  • How to entertain guests with a buffet
  • Skin cleansing methods – hands and nails
  • Practice removing dishes hygienically
  • Methods of cleaning the mouth, teeth and hair
  • The skill of adorning the appearance of people
  • How to prepare a party place in the ceremony
  • How to clean dishes in the reception
  • Observe the principles of environmental cleanliness
  • Complete observance of body health
  • Observe safety in the use of hygiene items and materials
  • Observance of ethical principles in relation to customers and colleagues

Courses of the virtual training course of catering techniques and ceremonies:

  • Explain behavioral patterns and social etiquette
  • Principles and methods of catering
  • Observance of the principles of personal and public health in the workplace
  • Observe the principles of environmental cleanliness

Prerequisites for the training course of catering and ceremonies:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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