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  • November 9, 2021
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Technical Service And Protocol E-Learning

Virtual restaurant hosting training is a job in the hotel industry that, in addition to high skills in communicating with guests, is familiar with all the tasks related to the host and hosting supplies and equipment, can handle this job well.

Restaurant Hosting Skills:

  • Execution of reception methods according to the type of ceremony + Hall Execution of reception methods according to guest requests and facilities + Use of appropriate dishes according to the type of menu and reception method + Use of appropriate dishes according to the degree and level of restaurant + Application of table Auxiliary and station in the reception hall + work with all kinds of trolleys suitable for host work in reception units + work with all kinds of desktops + station table arrangement + work with all kinds of fabric accessories + work with all kinds of cutlery in different arrangements + beautiful arrangement of Cutlery and cutlery for buffet receptions + arrangement of fixed items on the table
  • Flowering napkins + Supervising the cleaning of the table, changing the table + Arranging the tables according to the type of menu and the method of reception + Dismantling the dishes in the presence of the guest + Preparing the table for the next guest after the guest leaves the table + Applying the items in Menu in terms of the type of service and the time of presenting it to the guest + Implementing effective communication and relationships in dealing with the customer, staff and solving service problems + Division of work among staff + Organizing and supervising the affairs of employees under supervision + Setting the customer bill (to remember Getting its principles and outside the scope of the host) + Presenting invoices to the customer

Virtual training course topics of restaurant host:

  • Using reception methods
  • Use of catering tools and equipment
  • Arranging and preparing reception tables
  • Receiving orders from guests
  • Use communication skills in restaurant hosting
  • Provide invoices to guests
  • Using a foreign language in hosting a restaurant

Prerequisites for the restaurant host training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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