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  • November 9, 2021
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Technical Service And Protocol E-Learning

Virtual training to treat guests in a hotel, behavior in which the character of the guest is preserved and behavioral safety and verbal communication are fully observed.

Rituals (formal) are considered equivalent to the word “protocol”. It is actually called a glorious ceremony.
The word “VIP”, which is widely used in this context, is derived from the abbreviation Person Important Very, meaning very important people. The place where we greet that person is also called the VIP lounge, which has many applications in this area. And since public relations in the field of intra-organizational and extra-organizational communications are an important communication element of the organization and always cause prestige, respect, credibility, reputation or possibly notoriety of the organization should be Guests should be aware so as not to be discredited.

Guest treatment skills at the hotel:

  • -Hotel chart analysis
  • Analysis of hotel structure and organization
  • Apply quadruple communication skills
  • Correct use of body language
  • The use of communication in the customer acquisition mechanism
  • Hotel preparation when VIP guests arrive
  • Prepare rooms before VIP guests arrive
  • Appropriate treatment of VIP guests
  • Use of security factors and equipment in the treatment and stay of diplomats
  • Use appropriate spoken and written literature

Virtual training course for treating guests at the hotel:

  • Explain the organization and structure of the hotel
  • Applying the principles of etiquette and communication in dealing with guests
  • Using behavioral patterns with VIP guests (very important people)
  • Establish security and communication with diplomatic guests
  • Apply hotel rules and regulations to better communicate with guests

Prerequisites for the hotel treatment course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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