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  • November 9, 2021
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Tennis E-Learning

Virtual tennis training: Table tennis is one of the racquet and individual disciplines. Due to its availability, fun, small space and limited facilities, it is considered by all age groups. Also due to benefits such as helping to increase the speed and coordination between nerves and muscles, creating agility and balance, affect the function of internal organs. And helping to be fit, safe and low risk and applicable in all seasons and familiarize athletes with directions and movement space and in addition the nature of table tennis techniques that training at a younger age makes them better understood.

Recognizing ability or ability is a prerequisite for training good table tennis players. At the championship level, the discipline requires ballistic and precise technical abilities, good aerobic capacity, anaerobic power, fast action and reaction, strength, speed, coordination, flexibility and agility. Therefore, by measuring it in the talent identification stages, the best people can be selected to enter and continue this field. Points are earned when a player is unable to return the ball at all. Or throw it off the ground. The ball is always served crosswise or diagonally. The overall goal of the tennis game is to earn the points needed to win the game, set and game.

Basic Tennis Rules
The rules of tennis are relatively simple. A player from a corner of the lined area is called the field. Which is divided into two parts from the middle using a three-legged net (0.914 meters). Hits the ball. Or serve. The goal of the opposing player is to return the ball to the opponent’s court. Of course, without hitting the ball more than once to the home ground and in a way that the other side is not able to answer.

Virtual Tennis Training Course Topics:

  • Generalities of playing tennis
  • Tactical and psychological situations

Prerequisites for Virtual Tennis Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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