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  • November 9, 2021
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The Judicial System Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran In Sport E-Learning

Virtual education to study the judicial structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran (with a practical approach in the football industry), is a general course with the prerequisites of management of football clubs and the field of sports technology.

Summary of this course:
The nature of irony:
To explain the concept of the nature of “jurisprudence”, the issue can be examined from different angles. In the theory of separation of powers, there is a distinction between the three things of legislation, execution and jurisprudence. The legislation refers to the setting of legal norms that are the responsibility of the legislature in the theory of separation of powers. Legislation is a two-way relationship in which the legislature is on one side and the subjects are on the other. The subjects of the law are obliged to follow the norms set by the legislature.

Law enforcement is a two-way relationship between the obligated person and the competent person, which in divine law can also include the relationship between a slave and a master. Now, if there is a dispute in the implementation of the law, the dispute will be resolved by the judiciary. Judgment is contrary to the law and the implementation of a three-way relationship, the realization of which requires the existence of the plaintiff, the plaintiff and the judge. In this regard, the judge, in a higher position than the plaintiff and the plaintiff against, has the task of resolving the dispute in relation to the norm set by the legislator in the relationship between the plaintiff and the plaintiff. It is necessary to look at the case from the perspective of a third-party arbitrator, and this is the meaning that in Roman law, according to the principle, “no person can be the judge of his own case.”

Topics of the Virtual Education Course on the Judicial Structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

  • Explanation of public courts
  • Explanation of military courts
  • Explain the analysis of judicial opinions
  • Explanation of the clergy courts
  • Explain the Dispute Resolution Council
  • Explain the structure, pillars and legal rules
  • Explanation of revolutionary courts

Prerequisites for the training course on the judicial structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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