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  • November 9, 2021
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The Movie Industry & The Football Industry E-Learning

Virtual training for using the cinema industry in the football industry has been created for people to be fully acquainted with the use of the cinema industry in the football industry. Cinema is originally a Greek word meaning movement, but in the term, cinema is art and technology that conveys a message to its audience, which is the spectator, with the help of a series of moving images.

Cinema is the last art and in other words the seventh art. The other six arts are theater, painting, sculpture, architecture, music and dance. In the meantime, cinema is the only art that has not only employed the other six arts but has also been able to elevate them in some way. Cinema also employs industry, art and technique and has it in its text.

What is cinematic space?

Cinematic space is the space and realm that is created in film and has nothing to do with the objective world. Cinematic space can be separated from real space in the following ways:

  • Cinematic space is two-dimensional and creates images that are not so-called depth. This space affects our understanding of the sizes, distances, and relationships of objects, which is why filmmakers use frame composition, the use of special lenses, the movement of different cameras, and editing, to somehow address these complexities. Compensate and create an atmosphere similar to the real and acceptable space for the viewer.
  • Editing views from different angles can create a new and unique atmosphere, and be a new experience for the viewer.
  • Real and objective space, for us, is continuous and without cuts and tears. But editing can throw us back and forth in the cinematic space. In this space, we can see a scene from different angles and distances without any movement. Such an arrangement destroys, or alters, the spatial perspective.

Virtual training course topics for using the cinema industry in the football industry:
A study of the history, concepts and expression of cinema
Basics of film analysis
Review of specialized film and football festivals
A study of cinema and economics
Film analysis. United Passions
Film analysis. The biggest trauma
Using video analysis and translation software
Prerequisites for the course of using the cinema industry in the football industry:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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