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  • November 9, 2021
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Tourism Reporter E-Learning

Virtual training of tourism reporter is a professional tourism reporter in the field of tourism who has the following qualifications: Basic concepts of tourism – Art of expression and communication – Study of the impact of psychology and anthropology on tourism – Use of magazines, newspapers, websites and audio and video media In the field of tourism and reporting, photos and videos are related to tourism events and are related to the job of general tourism guide.

As a simple definition, a journalist is a person who is engaged in the profession of journalism, that is, collects, selects and presents news and news reports for publication in newspapers, magazines, publications or for broadcast on radio, television and the Internet, or Supervises doing these things.
Press reporters, ie reporters who work for the print media, can be divided into the following groups: Writers who write in various fields and topics and publish the material in the form of notes, articles, analysis, reviews and reviews.

List of Tourism Reporter Virtual Training Course:
Atlas of Iranian Provinces
Rhetoric and rhetoric
Atlas of Iranian History
Iran roads map
Iran land
Anthropology of Iran
The relationship between the tourism industry and a resilient economy
Understanding the spirits of nations
Understanding the tourism industry
Principles of Iranian architecture
The process of constructing tourism facilities
Methods of evaluating tourism facilities
Legal rules and regulations of tourism
Tolerance capacity in the tourism
Tourism industry analysis
Recommendations for tourism statistics
Investing in the tourism industry
Tourism Security Strategies
Fundamentals of Anthropology
Principles of culture and anthropology
Tourism and economic opportunities
Travel and tourism services
City tour
Travel tips and instructions
Natural Geography of Iran
Basic journalism training
Basics of journalism and news writing
Interview Principles
Writing skills
Travel Journalism
Prerequisites for tourism reporter training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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