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  • November 9, 2021
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Transfers Of Players In The Football Industry E-Learning

Virtual transfer training for players in the football industry has been created for the complete familiarity of people with examining the rights of documents and commercial contracts in the football industry. Transfers are one of the main components of football in which the world’s biggest clubs pay a sum of their club income with the aim of exchanging the players they want.

What are transfers:
A transfer in football is a commercial transaction between two clubs that transfers a player from one club to another. If a player is under a club contract. To transfer to another club, an amount must be paid to the player-owner club, which is called the transfer fee. The cost of transfers takes into account many factors. These include the quality of a player, the length of the current contract, the commercial value and the potential value of age, and so on.

What is a transfer request?
A transfer request is a formal request made by a player to a club under his contract to facilitate transfers by another club. If a club does not want to sell its player. And repeatedly reject transfer offers. A player may formally request a transfer upon objection.

Transfer requests usually act as a “readiness to transfer” request. And they are often designed to express the player’s dissatisfaction with the current spontaneous situation to interested clubs.

Virtual training course topics for player transfers in the football industry:
Review the definitions, objectives and terms of the transfer regulations
Determining the status of football players and coaches in Iran
Determining the status of foreign players and coaches
Explain the duties of players’ agents and coaches
Review and acquaintance and football transfers with specialized appendices of the transfer regulations
Prerequisites for player transfers in the football industry:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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