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  • November 9, 2021
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Using The Sports And FIT Test In Soccer E-Learning

Virtual training for performing sports tests in football has been created for people to become fully acquainted with performing sports tests in football. Performing sports tests in football Familiarity with the standards, equipment and principles of physical, skill and mental fitness tests in the football industry and includes the following competencies:

  • Principles of physical, skill and mental fitness tests
  • Standards of physical, skill and mental fitness
  • Physical fitness test equipment is a skill.

Steps of testing in football:
The steps of testing in football include the following in a nutshell:

  • Select the club or team you want to test.
  • Get information about the status of that club in previous years and different competition seasons
  • Information about the technical staff of the desired team
  • If the technical staff of this team is again the technical staff of this team from the previous season to the new season, you can get information about their game system and type of training, and find out their style and opinion to attract players.
  • Information on testing conditions, including the exact time and place of testing and how to select a player
  • Attend testing regularly and at least half an hour to an hour before the start of the tests
  • If you are not one of the first people to test, pay attention to what the talent scouts or coaches point out to the previous players or ask them to do all of them.
  • Observe the basic principles of football and learn them before testing and presence on the field (range of motion, simple choices to pass, teamwork and cooperation with other players)
  • Select a few friends in the tests and work in groups with them
  • Having the necessary focus when testing

Virtual training course topics for performing sports tests in football:
Check the history of sports tests
Examining the concepts and features of sports tests
Perform anaerobic tests
Applying the standard of sports tests
Assessing mind skills
Performing skill tests in football
Prerequisites for conducting sports tests in football:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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