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  • November 9, 2021
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View And Describe In Football E-Learning

Virtual observation and description training in football has been created for people to be fully acquainted with electronic simulation systems. Football (English: Football) is a team sport and the most popular sport in most countries of the world, which is performed by two eleven-member teams consisting of football players with a soccer ball on natural or artificial grass with the aim of scoring goals. The eleven players in each team include a number of strikers, midfielders, defenders and a goalkeeper, who are arranged on the pitch by the coach and act as a system called a football system.

Football dates back to several centuries BC and to China, which gradually became popular in Greece and Rome. Modern-day football also took shape in English schools in 1866 and gradually spread to the rest of the world. With the formation of FIFA in 1904 and the creation of the FIFA World Cup, the sport became much more widespread.

The length of the football field is 90 to 120 meters and its width is 45 to 90 meters. Football takes place in 20 to 45 minutes per half, and in elimination and away games, sometimes extra time and penalties are added to it. Football has rules called football rules and you can’t break them. In addition to football, FIFA is the official body for futsal and beach soccer.

Virtual training course topics observed and described in football:
Watch and describe the defensive line in practice
View and describe the midline in practice
View and describe the offensive line in practice
View and describe the defensive line in the tournament
View and describe the midfield in competitions
View and describe the offensive line in the tournament
Present the findings in writing and graphically
Prerequisites for the observation and description training course in football:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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