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  • November 10, 2021
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Addiction Rehabilitation Assistant E-Learning

Addiction rehabilitation virtual education includes the ability to provide individual counseling in the field of treatment and prevention of addiction to addicts, counseling to people dependent on chemicals and drugs, guiding addicts, informing people about the factors affecting addiction such as behavioral, mental, physical factors, emotional and spiritual, is the ability to use the 12-step recovery method to provide services and counseling to pilgrims.

Drug use has a long history in human life and has had many devastating effects on human life. Drug addiction is a serious problem worldwide today. There are various theories about the etiology of drug addiction and addiction, but none of these theories alone will be able to explain why a person uses drugs. Currently, drug addiction is a social problem that affects the economic, cultural and socio-economic dimensions of society.

This job is related to organizations and institutions in charge of social harm, such as the Welfare Organization and the municipality.

Benefits of Addiction Rehabilitation Virtual Training Course:
Advice for people addicted to drugs and medications
Using a variety of recovery methods
Informing people about the consequences of addiction and its destructive effects on life
Ability to provide individual counseling in the treatment and prevention of addiction to addicts
Ability to provide guidance and counseling services to pilgrims
Ability to raise awareness of high-risk behaviors to prevent viral diseases such as hepatitis and
Ability to provide advice to people dependent on chemicals and drugs
Ability to use group therapy
List of addiction rehabilitation assistant virtual course courses:
Goals and principles of addiction treatment

Addiction and treatment

Psychological approaches in the treatment of addiction

Family Addiction Treatment Guide

AIDS and its association with drugs

Recovery with twelve steps

The steps we took

Life after quitting addiction

The audio teaching philosophy of addiction

The Addiction Rehabilitation Assistant course is useful for the following disciplines:

Service jobs
educational services
Prerequisites for Addiction Rehabilitation Assistant Course:

This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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