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  • November 10, 2021
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Automatic Doors Installation E-Learning

Virtual training for the installation and commissioning of automatic doors has been created to familiarize yourself with the system and function of automatic doors. Pishro in providing educational and technical services has held virtual training classes for these doors. Learners will get acquainted with the latest technologies related to automatic doors by participating in the training course for the installation and commissioning of automatic doors. Participants in this course will learn to look at automatic doors not only as a means to increase comfort and beauty but also as one of the most important tools for increasing the security of buildings. Such an attitude will cause the installation of these doors to meet the highest international standards, which in turn will increase customer satisfaction and their success in the way they have proposed.

Installation steps of automatic door system:
After selecting the automatic door system based on the door model, its location, and customer location expectations, the following steps are performed:

Placement of panels and mechanical and electrical equipment of the system
Carrying out panel wiring and other equipment
Adjust the operation of the electrical board to the proper operating condition
Test each step of opening and closing the door
Adjusting (regulating) the door switch microswitches
Final testing and system delivery
List of topics for the virtual training course on installation and commissioning of automatic doors:

  • Rail sliding door
  • Shutter door
  • Single leaf glass door
  • Double-leaf glass door
  • Open door Faraz / DC
  • Open the door Faraz / SP
  • Install glass doors
  • Install accessories
  • Installation of automatic doors

Prerequisites for the training course on installation and commissioning of automatic doors:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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