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  • November 10, 2021
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Carpentry E-Learning

Virtual carpentry training: If you enjoy making different things and like working with wood, this is for you. Najari is the art of working with wood. The carpenter makes and installs all kinds of wooden tools. These items can be doors and windows, furniture, cabinets, etc. The tools that the carpenter uses in his work include hand and electric grater, saw nail, drill and milling machine, razor, carpenter’s clamp, etc. For carpentry, you should be able to see the details well and have good skills in Working by hand and measure. No special education is required for this job.

What you will learn in the virtual carpentry training course:
In this BASIC carpentry and joinery course, you will also learn the basics of business. Because you want to know more about wood. Because you are interested in everything related to this beautiful business. Because you only started once in your workshop. And you do not know how to proceed. But you want to know more or because you want to be a professional in the future.

In this course, you will see what are the main tools and how to buy them. You will see how to cut the wood you work with, how to use it, and how they work. You will also learn the wood you need to buy.

  • A basic exercise for learning how to track by measuring tracking and working with saws, chisels and final sanding. This way you will see all the steps to follow when doing woodwork. In this course you will learn to read the plan of a carpenter-cabinet.

Prerequisites for carpentry training:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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