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  • By Oxford Certificate
  • November 10, 2021
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Designing And Producing Shoes E-Learning

Virtual training in shoe design and production, your constant question, how to become a shoe designer? These days, everyone is talking about a fascinating profession called shoe design. If you are fascinated by the fashion world and you are very interested in footwear, I must say that you are wrong. Interest alone does not meet your needs. The field of shoe design is a very wide field and includes various components in various fields for learning. So in order to become a shoe designer, in addition to interest, we must also follow the path of zero to one hundred shoe designs. But what is this path? What do we need to learn for that?

Footwear, a commodity that has become an essential item of people since birth, has taken on different functions over time and in different societies. Prosperity, income level and technological growth as examples of key factors that have led to differences in production and purchasing approach in the industry, differences that change shoes for a group of consumers from a pure consumer and essential product to a product of prestige and Made luxury. In this course, while reviewing the documents of the specialized monthly magazine of the shoe industry, which includes the opinions and analysis of experts and industry activists, we will review the important documents that have been compiled by various upstream departments.

List of virtual training topics for shoe design and production:
_ History of shoe creation

_ Shoe standards

_ Leather shoe design

Stages of production of safety shoes

Biomechanics of sports shoes

_ Review of the shoe industry

Shoe design business

Establishment of a shoe factory

_ Modeling shoes with zbrush

_ Shoe design with Rhino

The shoe design and production course are useful for the following disciplines:
Design and Sewing
Prerequisites for shoe design and production course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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