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  • November 10, 2021
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Director Of Education E-Learning

Excel Virtual Training is an electronic spreadsheet program. This powerful software is used for calculation, storage, scientific and statistical analysis, and data management and analysis. One of the advantages of this software is its use as a database management software. Due to the wide range of tools included in it, Excel is used in all areas of work that deal in some way with the classification and analysis of data, databases, or reporting.
Benefits of Excel training course:
Fast and cheap software
Performs repetitive operations automatically. Learn with Excel Virtual Tutorial.
Extract reports faster and easier than complex data for managers
Small practical tools for doing everyday tasks
Engineering, statistical, accounting and financial calculations, formulation, project control and drawing various diagrams
List of Excel training course topics:
Lesson 1 of Excel course: Introduction of Excel software
Introduction of software and applications and features of the software
Introducing tabs and toolbars
Auto Fill
The second lesson of the Excel course: entering information in Excel software
Information configuration
Introducing Format Cells
Introducing Insert in Excel Virtual Tutorial.
Lesson 3 Excel: Functions, Functions and Styles
Commonly used functions such as sum, mean and…
Introducing AutoSum
Introducing the Styles group
Introducing Insert Slicer
Lesson 4 Excel course: Illustration (shapes, charts) and Editing
Introducing the Insert tab
Illustration using shapes
Create charts
Create charts
Introducing the Editing group
Lesson 5 of Excel course: Introduction of Print, Page Layout and drawing charts
Pages settings for printing
Groups in the Page Layout tab
Introducing Page Setup
Introducing Sheet Option
Drawing diagrams
The sixth lesson of Excel: Introduction to View & Linking
Introducing the View tab
Introduce different settings in the View tab groups
Settings in Sheets
Linking Sheets
Lesson 7 Excel: Introduction to Functions and Macros
Introducing the IF function
Introducing Nested IF
Introducing the VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP function
Introducing the COUNTIFS, COUNTIF, COUNT function
Introduction of SUM, SUMIF, SUMIFS functions
Introduction of AVERAGE, AVERAGEIF, AVERAGEIFS function
Create macros and run them in Excel Virtual Tutorial.
Lesson 8 of the Excel course: Introducing the Data tab
Introducing the Data Tools section
Introducing the SUBTOTAL section
Lesson 9 Excel: Pivot Tables
Introducing Pivot Tables
Create Pivot Tables
Slicers in Pivot Tables
Introducing the Pivot Chart
Lesson 10 Excel: Sensitivity Analysis and Scenario
Introducing the Forecast group
Introducing the Forecast function
Introducing and calling Solver
Introducing, creating and calling Scenarios in Excel virtual tutorial

Excel is useful for the following fields:
Prerequisites for the Excel training course:
Set of tutorials for setting up a site and working with WordPress – introductory
Set of tutorials for setting up a site and working with WordPress – Supplementary

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