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  • November 10, 2021
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Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA)Management – Human Resource Management Tendency E-Learning

Deba Virtual Management Training Orientation in Human Resource Management: The most important assets of an organization are its employees. Human Resource Management Department in any organization is responsible for selecting, hiring, training and meeting the needs of employees. Therefore, management in the human resources department of the organization requires good management of individuals; Effective communication with employees is a good working relationship. Top Business Management The human resource management orientation teaches you to align strategies with the company’s overall HR plan.
Human resource management refers to the policies and actions required to perform a part of the management task that depends on aspects of employee activity, in particular to recruit, train employees, evaluate performance, reward and create a healthy and equitable environment for employees. Is the organization. In this trend, we focus on policies, actions, and systems that affect employee behavior, thinking, and performance. A strategic approach is provided to attract the development of management to motivate and achieve the commitment of key resources of the organization, ie the people who work in it or for it.

About Professional Business Management (DBA)
DBA stands for Doctorate of Business Administration. But it is completely different from the doctorate in engineering and basic sciences. The purpose of this course is to develop research skills along with the principles of applying managerial knowledge to solve organizational problems. The audience of this course is senior managers, consultants and management instructors who, after passing it, gain a deep understanding of management knowledge in the fields of marketing, strategic thinking and human resources. Learn the methods of applying managerial knowledge to solve organizational problems, develop their organizational leadership skills, and improve their decision-making and thinking capabilities in crisis situations.

DBA Virtual Management Course Topics Human Resource Management Orientation:

  • Management and organization
  • Strategic management
  • Strategic human resource management
  • Performance management
  • Productivity management
  • Risk management
  • Financial management
  • Business Management
  • Knowledge management
  • Economics for managers
  • Accounting for managers

Other topics:

  • Management information systems
  • Decision making for managers
  • Systemic thinking
  • Organizational behavior
  • Order in the organization
  • Leadership in the organization
  • Writing ritual
  • Career planning
  • Payroll system
  • Labor and Social Security Law
  • Job interview techniques

Prerequisites for DBA Management Course in Human Resource Management:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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