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  • November 10, 2021
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Equipping And Preparing The Shooting Range E-Learning

Virtual training in equipping and preparing a shooting range is one of the competencies in the field of the sports industry. In this course, the selection of the hall and the capacity of the equipment and the planning, preparation and selection of the instructor are done.

Summary of this course:
Shooting is one of the most popular sports. Shooting with a weapon has a special appeal for many people. Each person may have taken up arms at least once in their lifetime, whether as a toy, sporting weapon or even as a non-sporting firearm. The shooting scene with the weapon is very popular. Because the subconscious evokes a sense of accomplishment. Weapons are also seen as a symbol of the law in the hands of great actors who play positive roles in films. Targeting and hitting the target is the first challenge that no one can avoid. Hitting the target is uplifting for the person.

Shooting is one of the sports that is specifically approved by Islam. Regarding the importance of shooting, the Prophet (PBUH) said: Teach your children shooting, swimming, and riding.

The importance of shooting becomes apparent when in the eight years of holy defense, shooting skills are among the most important skills in victory and overcoming the enemy, and the result is the pride of Iran.
Although most factors of physical fitness are interdependent in the performance of physical activity and exercise, in the field of shooting, the factors of cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, reaction, coordination and most importantly balance are very important. In addition to these factors, focus also plays an important role in this field.

Virtual training course topics: Shooting hall preparation and preparation:

  • Select the hall to suit different shooting disciplines
  • Preparation of various shooting hall equipment
  • Buy weapons and equipment suitable for shooting
  • Planning for shooting men and women
  • Select a coach suitable for the sport
  • Select the right repairer to repair the weapon

Prerequisites for the training course of equipping and preparing the shooting range:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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