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  • November 10, 2021
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Family Judicial Advisor

Virtual Training of Family Justice Advisor: The Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran is an independent body that supports individual and social rights and is responsible for achieving justice in Iran. The constitution of the Islamic Republic of 1979 called for the judiciary to be “an independent power.” And it to “investigate and rule on complaints .; Monitoring the proper implementation of laws; Detection of crimes, prosecution, punishment “accused; And punished the perpetrators. “Appropriate measures” to prevent crime and correct criminals. Family law is a part of civil law. Which governs the relations of family members such as husband, wife, children, parents and financial issues related to the family such as dowry, alimony, etc.

The family system is one of the most important systems in society. And based on marriage, two opposite sexes are formed with each other. And its preservation and continuity are of special importance. As mentioned, the family is a social unit. And this family is the center of growth and development, healing and healing, and the transformation and transformation of injuries and complications, which is both a bedrock for the flourishing and the collapse of the relations of its members. The importance of a healthy family is to decide on common issues according to their abilities. Family counselors at family counseling centers often examine people’s problems in the womb, especially in the family environment. Sometimes in family counseling, individuals are treated as a group because it is very important to improve interpersonal relationships in the family.

Adviser on family justice in the field of law and has competencies such as reviewing and interpreting all laws related to marriage and divorce, family, women and children, registration and wills and inheritance and referring these laws to objective events in society. Related to the professions of a lawyer, court judge, lawyer, family counselor, judicial inspector, people working in the Dispute Resolution Council, civil registration.

What are family rights?

  • Marriage, obligation to register a permanent marriage, proof of marital relationship, obtaining a daughter marriage permit and remarriage
  • Alimony of the wife, alimony of the child, leaving alms, providing housing, obedience and disobedience of the wife
  • Dowry refund, provision of dowry reason and provision of dowry request
  • Divorce, cases of divorce and adultery
  • Dowry, dowry, prohibition of leaving the spouse, securing the demand and confiscation of property and usury
  • Right of custody of the child, proof of lineage, probability, guardianship, installation of a guardian, removal of a guardian, removal of the stone, sentence of growth
  • Conditions during the contract, condition of half of the property, proverbial reward, payment
  • Difficulty, certificate of impossibility of compromise, consensual divorce, reciprocal divorce, bain divorce, divorce, divorce and recourse of couples

List of Family Justice Advisor Virtual Training Course Topics:

Prerequisites for the Virtual Training Course for Family Justice Advisor:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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