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  • November 10, 2021
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Fostering Creative Entrepreneurs E-Learning

Creative Entrepreneurship Virtual Training, this course seeks to transform the basis of your insight into “work”. Creative Entrepreneurship Training Course with a systematic perspective provides practical steps to start these start-ups. It offers an operational course that supports and guides the entrepreneur from the idea generation stage to launching a new product or service to the market. In this course, an attempt has been made to make the purpose of each step better and clearer at each stage by providing various examples of different ideas and businesses. And helps the learner to understand each of the steps.

What you will learn in this course:

First Chapter:
Understand and apply all the basic concepts of entrepreneurship.
Explain the difference between entrepreneurial facts and common myths.
Evaluate your personality through entrepreneurship and find out how you can find partners who have what they lack.
Focus on the key features and aspects needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
Understand and focus their entrepreneurial efforts with the right investment process.
Match their efforts with the right kind of entrepreneur they want to become.
Understand their roles and expectations as they brainstorm and grow.
Understand more broadly the concept of business modeling and how to create new business models.
Understand and use the concept of scalability as a tool for evaluation.
Understand the true nature of creating a business idea and set their expectations realistically.
Assess what skills and interests they have and apply them to idea generation.
Use 3 common techniques for great business ideas.
Use 5 different techniques to easily validate a business idea.
Understand the key concepts behind Lean Startup Framework.
second chapter:
Find out what options are available to finance their business.
Plan a strategy to attract angel investors and venture capitalists.
Evaluate the survival of small business loans and whether this is a strategically good option.
Create business ideas that are insightful and practical.
Understand the dynamics of business in relation to ideation.
Analyze 4 different parts of the business value chain for potential opportunities.
Understand the 5 different types of key innovations and how to apply them.
How to evaluate their skills, interests, hobbies and interests objectively.
Understand the difference between the type of business and which one to target.
Use common techniques such as problem identification to come up with ideas.
Use advanced techniques such as debugging, local modifiers, market activators to generate ideas.
Learn how to use new and disruptive business models such as SaaS, Sharing Economy and PWYW.
Create business ideas that are not only specific but also complete.
Quickly evaluate and prioritize 5-dimensional ideas.
Understand the value of their ideas and what they should focus on first.
Enter the field in their environment and do not be discouraged.
Prerequisites for the Virtual Training Course for Creative Entrepreneurs:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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