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  • November 10, 2021
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Getting Familiar And Evaluating Gemstones (Applied Gemology)

Virtual Education Introduction to Gemstone Evaluation (Applied Gemology): The knowledge of studying natural and artificial gemstones. He is in the field of geographical sciences and mineralogy. A person who works in the field of gemology is called a gemologist. Jewelers and jewelers may also be jewelers. Some collectors and investors may only be interested in the monetary value of gemstones, but to distinguish a gemstone from another gemstone, they should seek out a gemologist. Using microscopes, computer instruments and other grading tools, gemologists examine precious stones, both raw and laboratory-made.

Jewelry and precious stones are of special value to humans because of their beauty, rarity, value and portability. Some believe that minerals and jewels have magical powers because of their reputation for bestowing power, wealth, love, and health. Identifying original jewelry, grading diamonds, recognizing colored jewelry, jewelry design are all topics. The science of gemology has long made knowing them a necessity for jewelry activists.

An In-depth look at gemology
The chemical composition of minerals in nature, like all other chemical compounds, is indicated by the formula. The formula represents the types of atoms in the mineral structure and their amount and ratio to each other. Most natural minerals have many impurities and elements replaced with basic elements in the chemical formula. For example, mineral garnet contains a series of minerals with the general formula Al3B2 (Sio4) 3, which in gemology have different colors and names, although their crystalline form is the same and has similar physical properties.

In the field of gem identification, in addition to gemologists, there are several specialists, including appraisers, jewelers, metalworkers and scientists. Gemologists may work as professional appraisers who specialize in many other industries. Including selling jewelry and investing is useful, get to work. Jewelers need to understand gem identification to answer their customers’ questions. And identify any jewelry brought to them.

Prerequisites for this course:
Virtual Gemstone Valuation Training Course (Applied Gemology) does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the ground up.

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