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  • November 10, 2021
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ICDL Special For Organizations And Organs E_learning

ICDL special training for organizations and organs: The breadth of the computer field, along with the variety of software, hardware and middleware that is constantly changing and updating, and this opportunity to us will not allow us to master all the fields in it. On the other hand, no one expects everyone to learn computer science issues professionally. But the problem is that most people who are interested in learning computer knowledge and skills do not know where to start this training. The ICDL course is a global and international certification in computer skills, developed in 1995 by the Association of European Society of Informatics Professionals. In 1995, the Association of European IT Professionals developed this special approach to improving IT skills across Europe. In 1996, this training method and certification was first introduced in Sweden and gradually throughout Europe and internationally, and today it is known as the ICDL Certificate.

Seven icdl skills

  • Security for IT users
  • IT Basics (Windows Explorer in Windows 7)
  • Word processing (Microsoft Word 2010)
  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel 2010)
  • Databases (Microsoft Access 2010)
  • Video presentation program (Microsoft PowerPoint 2010)
  • Use of email and the Internet (Windows Explorer in Windows 7)

Advantages of comprehensive computer work course for organizations and organs:
The ICDL guarantees the computer capability of employees.
Creates considerable computer skills for employees.
Ensures IT capability levels in an organization.
Reduces IT support costs.
Reduces wasted time due to lack of knowledge and inefficient IT work methods.
It is a standard definition and accurate scale for computer skills that is internationally approved. The ICDL certificate balances the needs of employers with the skills of employees.
It is currently the most prestigious computer certification in the world, which owes its acceptance to its connection with all individuals and the support and control of its sponsoring organizations. Source:

List of comprehensive virtual work computer training topics for organizations and organs:

  • Icdl skills training
  • Communication and networking skills training
  • Email training
  • Social network training
  • Blog training
  • Basics of security and information
  • Hardware security
  • Computer software security
  • Browser security
  • Network security
  • Internet search

Prerequisites for this course:
It does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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