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  • November 10, 2021
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Introduction To Welding E-Learning

Virtual welding training introduces people to the welding process. Welding is one of the production methods. Its purpose is the permanent bonding of engineering materials (metal, ceramic, polymer, composite) to each other so that the bonding properties are equal to the properties of the base material. Welding is the connection of two metal or non-metal pieces to each other due to external factors such as heat and pressure, which today is considered an advanced and effective science in the service of industries that used to be an art. Historians’ first methods of connection Attributed to the Chinese in the east and to the ancient Romans in the west. The Chinese learned the connection of some metals and non-metals in the third millennium BC, and the Romans used soldiers that are used today with little change in new industries.

Types of welding:
Arc welding
Boiling point
Non-ferrous metal welding
Electric and gas welding
Welding and underwater welding
Types of modern welding in the military industry
Plastic welding
List of Virtual Training Course Introduction to Welding:

  • Iranian construction welding regulations
  • UT ultrasound test
  • Steel welding inspection
  • Principles of welding
  • Quality control and inspection principles in welding
  • E3 arc welding
  • Principles of VT visual inspection
  • Principles of visual inspection
  • Non-destructive tests

Welding course is useful for the following disciplines:
the mechanic
Prerequisites for a welding training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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