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  • November 10, 2021
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Job Preparation E-Learning

Virtual training is job competency in the field of educational services, including tasks such as reviewing and recognizing the desired jobs, reviewing the workflow and activities, reviewing and recognizing related materials, equipment, tools and machines, using topics and side issues of the desired job such as Safety, economics, difficulty and complexity of the work و Identifying and defining the problem and providing a solution to the problem, problem-solving decision making, anxiety management and effective expression and speech Examining definitions and communication elements of conveying the message and receiving the message Negotiation strategies and tactics Understanding and Communicating in Negotiations The principles and techniques of effective negotiation are to involve individuals in a working group to resolve conflict in the group, team, and teamwork.

Skills needed for job preparation:
In all areas of industrial and public employment, there are jobs that workers with mental disabilities can do. Such as service jobs and simple and repetitive tasks. These people can work in jobs where there is a certain kind of normal flow. And have the necessary physical strength and manual skills. Therefore, teaching professional skills to these people should be based on such tasks. Things that a mentally retarded person is able to do or a part of the work is done by the coach without the presence of a coach.

List of Vocational Training Virtual Training Courses:
Review and identify the desired jobs
Review workflows and activities
Review and identification of related materials, equipment, tools and machines
Using the topics and side issues of the desired job such as safety, economics, difficulty and complexity of the work and….
Identify and define the problem and provide a solution to the problem
Problem-solving decision
Managing anxiety and influential expression and speech
Review, definitions and communication elements
Send and receive messages
Apply negotiation strategies and tactics
Prerequisites for the job preparation training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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