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  • November 10, 2021
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Maintenance And Repair Of Weapons And Equipment E-Learning

Virtual training in the maintenance and repair of weapons and equipment is one of the competencies in the field of the sports industry, in which the maintenance, repair, service of weapons and replacement of parts are performed.

Summary of this course:
Ensuring internal security and defending national resources is recognized as the first and most necessary factor in ensuring welfare, comfort, progress and development in all aspects. Any weakness and inadequacy in this regard can cause irreparable damage to the country’s security. Therefore, the ability and power of military deterrence and equipment readiness in the armed forces will guarantee the maintenance of order and ensure the security and health of the country.

Due to the strategic and expensive military equipment and also the problems of access to parts in order to advance and the goal of self-sufficiency and saving in the production and purchase of equipment taking into account the sensitivity and complexity of equipment, in addition to reconstruction and repair centers and training specialists. Required and conducting scientific research in order to prevent repair costs and breakdowns that may be due to its maintenance or improper operation, as well as to increase the reliability of the use of this equipment is necessary to create appropriate methods and systems. Efficiently, it is possible to maintain the equipment before the breakdown and be ready to use it with the appropriate cost, time and quality during the breakdown.

One of the most important pillars that need serious attention and a dynamic must be constantly visible is maintenance systems.

Virtual training course for maintenance and repair of weapons and equipment:

  • Applying safety in the maintenance, repair and service of weapons, ammunition, equipment and other shooting requirements
  • Transportation of weapons, indoor equipment, during domestic and foreign travel and camps
  • Lubrication and service of weapons and equipment
  • Control and inspection of equipment and operation of various systems of weapons, ammunition, equipment and other requirements
  • Submit a report
  • Replacement of parts

Prerequisites for training in the maintenance and repair of weapons and equipment:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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