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  • November 10, 2021
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Marvelous Designer Clothing Design Software E-Learning

Marulus Clothing Design Software Virtual Training Course: In the clothing design software course, we learn that in the fashion industry, coverage is required for every garment as well as every model. This is an aspect that must be taken care of with the utmost care to avoid uncomfortable clothing, so as not to restrict the movements of the person wearing the clothing. One of the biggest challenges for fashion industry companies is ensuring that clothing fits their target customers.

Digitizing creative processes through 3D fashion software can overcome all these problems. With the advent of 3D fashion design in clothing design, it is possible to create a sample of clothing almost immediately from scratch, allowing design teams to decide on their marketing without having to produce a prototype, hence the time of arrival. To reduce the market significantly.

Benefits of Marulus Clothing Design Virtual Training Course:
A real show of clothes is obtained.
Different fabrics are tested.
Different appearances are tested.
List of Marulus clothing design software course topics:

  • Run Marulus Designer software
  • Marulus Designer software environment
  • Software environment customization
  • Grid in clothing design software
  • Display settings
  • Enter an Avatar
  • Settings and change of Avatar model
  • Hide and reveal Avatar
  • Import Avatar clothing
  • Remove Avatar
  • Familiarity with movement tools in the scene
  • Familiarity with Avatar Display
  • 3D costume display settings
  • Clothing texture level settings
  • Moving clothes in Marulus environment
  • Introduction to Segment Sewing
  • Familiarity with the Simulate tool
  • Familiarity with the pattern reset tool
  • Change the dress pattern with Edit Pattern
  • Alco curve change with Edit Curvature
  • Polygon pattern with Create Polygon
  • Rectangular pattern with Create Rectangle
  • Elliptical Alco with Create Ellipse
  • Create a clothing pattern with the Line tool
  • Leveling drawing lines
  • Create a pattern for a T-shirt
  • Create Sewing stitching
  • Create sleeves for the dress pattern
  • Familiarity with sewing tools and clothing design
  • Create polygonal inner lines
  • Create rectangular inner lines
  • Create elliptical inner lines of clothes
  • Familiarity with dart creation tools
  • Familiarity with Show Texture tool
  • Create buttons and button holes
  • Zipper
  • Familiarity with the texture and color of clothes
  • Familiarity with texture editing
  • Familiarity with light
  • Create wind effects
  • Texture physical settings
  • Familiarity with clothing animation

Marulus clothing design software course is useful for the following disciplines:
Design and Sewing
Prerequisites for Marulus clothing design software training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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