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  • November 10, 2021
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Master Of Business Administration (MBA) Management -Strategic Management Tendency E-Learning

MBA Virtual Education Management Trend: Have you ever thought that the maximum weight a chain can lift is as much as its weakest bearing? For example, in the management of an organization for survival, growth and profitability, all organizational processes must be well planned and implemented. Do you think so? If so, you need to give up the macro-management of an organization or learn the concepts of strategic management well.
The strategic orientation of the MBA training course to senior executives, CEOs, members and chairpersons, entrepreneurs teaches to raise the strength threshold of a chain to the strength of the strongest link. Monitoring opportunities and threats, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses in strategic management are all in order to properly combine the internal and external characteristics of the organization in order to best exploit the survival, growth and profitability of the organization. In a word, strategic management is an effort to “create and maintain a competitive advantage at the business level and create as much synergy as possible throughout the organization.”

MBA Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Marketing and sales management

Accounting for managers

Management and organization

Strategic Management of Human Resources

strategic Management

Advanced strategic management

Financial management and budgeting

organizational behavior

information management systems

Business management and business plan

A strategically oriented MBA graduate is expected to be able to:
Turn the organization’s vision into strategic plans and effective missions.
Identify external factors that threaten the organization or are an opportunity for the organization. These factors include the market, the situation of competing companies, prices, governments, suppliers of raw materials

Recognize the strengths and weaknesses within the organization
To set long-term goals in order to carry out the mission of the organization
Develop or select strategies to achieve long-term goals.
While allocating resources, implement the selected strategies in the form of short-term plans.
In all these steps, by taking feedback, to correct, change or adjust the goals of strategies and implementations.

Prerequisites for the MBA course in Management:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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