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  • November 10, 2021
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Master Of Business Administration (MBA) Management -Urban Management Tendency E-Learning

MBA Virtual Management Urban Management – Urban Planning: The 21st Century is a global community on a global scale. A society in which, on the one hand, the urban lifestyle prevails. On the other hand, industrial services and services have marginalized agricultural production. Urban society has a much broader meaning scientifically than urban places, so much so that the village will live an urban life in the 21st century. Despite successive revolutions in information technology, globalization, and technopoles, cities have always been the epitome of centuries of human endeavor in the realm of physical construction. Cultural, artistic, architectural, economic and social institutions are traditional and with their integration have had a lasting effect and lasting change on people’s behaviors and thoughts.

In such a process of innovation and continuity of traditions, the management of cities, especially metropolises, is of special complexity and importance. Without being equipped with a systematic and dynamic approach, basically managing cities will not go beyond a series of scattered, disparate, and compensatory actions. The new knowledge of urban management, along with the national macro-management of the country, has more important and broader tasks than the field of traditional urban services in its agenda. Protecting the environment, reducing regional and class inequalities, providing adequate housing, organizing leisure, and identifying. Beautifying the city and, most importantly, organizing a participatory community are among the challenges of modern urban management.

Course Objective
The purpose of holding the MBA Business Management course is to equip urban managers with a creative, comprehensive and multidisciplinary vision. They use their power to solve indigenous problems – especially the problems of cities that are in a state of rapid transition and urbanization under certain conditions of society. The city manager from this training course will be a creative coordinator. It is equipped with multi-specialized insights to solve the indigenous problems of a country that is in a special situation of society that is rapidly melting and urbanizing.

MBA Virtual Management Course Topics Urban Management – Urban Planning:

  • Encyclopedia of urban and rural management
  • Urban transport management
  • Urban planning regulations
  • Familiarity with urban areas
  • GIS
  • Application of natural geography in urban and rural planning
  • Applied geography

Other topics:

  • Urban environment management
  • Risk management
  • Decision management
  • Strategic management
  • Management and organization
  • Human resource management
  • Financial management

Prerequisites for MBA Management Course in Urban Management – Urban Planning:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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