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  • November 10, 2021
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Monitor & TV Repairs E-Learning

Virtual monitor and TV repair training is designed to familiarize people with the TV and the repair process. Television can be introduced as a telecommunication tool for sending and receiving moving images and sound from a distance, and in recent years, with the advancement of very modern technology and in terms of imaging systems has become very complex.

What is a monitor?
A monitor is a piece of hardware that displays video and graphics information processed by the graphics card via a VGA cable or any other cable in the monitor display. Monitors are very similar to TVs but instead display graphic information at a higher resolution on the screen. Unlike TVs, monitors are not mounted on the wall and are placed more on the desktop.

Monitor and TV differences:
In the past, televisions were large, bulky grids that could capture and display images without an antenna, and were not of high quality, and monitors could not connect to any other device using the VGA and DVI ports. But now TVs and monitors are flat panels and connect to different devices with an HDMI port, the most obvious difference between monitors and TVs is their size and performance.

The labor market for monitor and TV repair training graduates:
Due to the wide sales of LCD and LED TV monitors in the market and the low quality of these products and the lack of proper response to LCD, LED, monitor and TV repair warranties, and due to the high approved letter rate and monitor repair fees, LCD, LED and TV There is a large and wide job market for graduates of this course.

List of monitor and TV repair virtual training courses:

  • Familiarity with electronic concepts
  • Introducing the types of monitors
  • General color TV troubleshooting 1
  • General color TV troubleshooting 2
  • Diagrams and schematics
  • ACD and LED repair training

Monitor and TV repair system course is useful for the following fields:
Prerequisites for monitor and TV repair training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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