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  • November 10, 2021
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MQL4 Programming E-Learning

Training in indicator writing and expert writing in MQL language
In this series, we use MetaTrader software to program indicators and experts for various financial markets such as Forex, digital currencies, indexes and… If you are interested in making indicators and making experts and you want to enter the labor market in this field and earn millions, this package is the best option for you.
Important note
This package is taught from zero to zero and has no prerequisites or age restrictions. × Close Alert
MQL programming language is one of the best and of course the sweetest programming languages ​​through which you can easily earn money. By learning this programming language, you can learn how to make indicators, how to make experts, and easily learn Expert Forex, Forex indicators, and any other market, such as digital currencies. You will not need any programming knowledge to learn this language, and only by using the content of this package, you can enter the market of indicator and expert programming in less than a month. The main goal of the Iranian Virtual Education Foundation and the educational chart processor collection is to guide you to the job market and learn all the skills you will need to build a variety of indicators and business experts.

MQL Programming Package Topics
Training section to earn money and enter the labor market

Introducing all kinds of great ways to earn money from the indicator and expert programming
Familiarity with special programming platforms (MQL domain)
Provide various ideas for making indicators and experts
Sentences and words that you must use on the sales page of your products. (Persian and English)
Introducing various international payment methods (PayPal portal, digital currency portal, etc.)
Great tips for international advertising and earning dollars
Special methods for quick sale of products and services
Programming training section

Variables and basic familiarity with coding
Types of arrays
Logical terms, pip and point
Functions and types of commands
Introduction to Buffer mapping
Create simple Indicarto using custom functions
Create a custom sucker indicator
Alarms and notifications
Account functions and lock with account number
Lock with date
Custom enum tutorial
Introduction to Event
Learn to close a position with the opposite signal
Modify positions
Free risk
Trailing stop
Creating expertise with technical indicators
Create expertise with external indicators
Note that all of the above is done professionally with examples of making various indicators and experts.

Expert writing training is provided in this package in the simplest possible way. Making an expert and indicator has no initial risk and capital, and you can work with only a simple computer or laptop. The method of expression of the professors of this package is very simple and understandable, so there will be no restriction on the age, knowledge and gender of the audience.

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