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  • November 10, 2021
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Photography E-Learning

Virtual Photography Photography Training, in this course we will learn that photography is one of the most diverse fields in the art sector. Skilled photographers are needed in various companies including news agencies, electronic media, modeling agencies, wildlife photography and more.

Photography literally means the method of photography and photography. It is also called the work and occupation of the photographer.

This art is called photography in most languages ​​of the world, which is a combination of the two Greek words photo meaning light and graphic meaning recording or writing. Therefore, photography means playing with light.

Photography has three aspects: scientific, industrial and artistic; It was born as a scientific phenomenon, expanded as an industry, and established itself as an art.

Photography has not been discovered and completed by one person but is the result of the efforts of many people in various fields and their discoveries and innovations throughout history. And years before the invention of photography, the basis of the work of the camera existed.

Photography, like other arts and sciences, needs its own tools and equipment. Some tools play a key role in creating the photo, and their absence makes the shooting process impossible, while others help the photographer to capture a better image in addition to speed and time-saving.

Training specialists in the field of photography is the main goal of this course. In the photography training course, the student is taught the general principles of work in this field, both theoretically and the use of tools, and the student learns how to work with relevant software and tools in order to be able to record worthy works.

Advantages and disadvantages of photography:
Enjoy a great photo.
See the beauty in everything.
More appreciation of the light.
You get paid to do what you love.
You record the moment in time.
You are never in many photos.
You are very fascinated by images.
Virtual Photography Training Course Topics:
Comprehensive photography
Digital photography
Lighting in photography
Photography in graphic works
101 Photography training
Master photography class
Flash photography tutorial
Photography course is useful for the following disciplines:
Prerequisites for a photography training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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