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  • November 10, 2021
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Political Science Topics E-Learning

Virtual education in political science topics: What people know as politics and political issues is very different from politics in the sense of political science. Successful graduates of this course will not be a politician but a politician. In fact, political science examines political ideas and theories and their function in society. The field of political science means presenting a set of theories or a set of tools and solutions based on which each society examines the current conditions and problems and eliminates them. Plans for the next moves and actions, ie drawing the space for the future path. It also draws on human experiences and achievements in the field of society throughout history.

Career future and labor market of political science
Graduates of this field can work in different fields. One of them is the public relations of any organization. Organizations that have a public relations department need a political science expert to do their job best.

Another area of ​​employment for these people is employment in the political and legal sectors of ministries and international organizations. It is important to have a political scientist as a representative of each country in these organizations. One of the most prominent ministries is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But the organization does not need new staff at the moment, and even international relations graduates can hardly be attracted to the ministry.

Other areas in which they can work include the media and newspapers. It is also possible to work as an instructor or expert in education or universities. But all this is just to introduce the fields of work for the field of political science, and it can not be said that today all people who have studied in this field are working in these fields. In fact, despite the antiquity and importance of the field, its position in the country is not very clear and there is no guarantee for its future career.

Political Science Virtual Education Course Topics:

  • Common sense
  • Fundamentals of Islamic political thought
  • Pathology of science and technology policies

The effect of political instability on Iran’s economic growth

  • From dictatorship to democracy
  • Twentieth century political philosophers
  • Quotes from Nelson Mandela
  • Political sociology
  • Political schools
  • Review of Iran’s foreign policy with the European Union
  • Political issues of oil in Iran

A Comparative Study of Law in the Political Structure of Islam and Democracy

Prerequisites for the political science course:

  • This course is taught from the basics and does not require any special prerequisites.

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