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  • November 10, 2021
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Professional Secretaryship E-Learning

Professional Secretarial Virtual Training: A secretary or personal assistant literally means creator, creator and innovator. A secretary is a person who is hired by a person or organization and can perform tasks such as setting a daily schedule, being able to schedule meetings, writing letters, preparing various types of reports from various activities, working with computer and internet and typing Persian and English texts. A secretary has a lot of administrative duties, which are the traditional and old duties of a secretary, and today the secretary has other duties such as budget management and accounting, maintaining and managing the website, making plans and preparing travel arrangements.

The purpose of holding a professional secretarial training course is to train people who can work and work in administrative and commercial environments as office managers. Participants in this course will get acquainted with the principles and techniques of public relations and also get acquainted with office machines, computers and the Internet environment. Keep in mind that all offices and businesses today need a secretary.

Vocabulary courses for professional secretarial training:

  • Principles of secretarial
  • Principles of secretarial 2
  • Professional secretarial
  • Organizational concepts and sales marketing

The duties of a secretary are:
Answer calls, receive messages and respond to them as much as possible
Record daily events
Arrange appointments
Typing documents and preparing reports
Prioritize tasks
Cooperation with relevant organizations and customers
Make financial payments and invoice expenses
Accepting and welcoming customers and clients
Doing correspondence and administrative correspondence
Prerequisites for a professional secretarial training course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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