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  • November 10, 2021
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Recreational Sports And Leisure Time Management E-Learning

Virtual training in leisure management and recreational sports introduces the concepts of leisure and recreation. Leisure time is the most important and pleasant time for human beings and part of the daily life of human beings. That the person willingly relaxes, has fun, develops awareness or social participation and voluntarily engages in it after getting rid of work, family and social requirements. The main question of the leisure management and recreational sports training course چهWhat is the meaning of leisure ‌? Is there a similarity between leisure and free time?

The general definition of leisure:
People have different perceptions of the term leisure under the influence of different factors. There is a definition for leisure. These definitions can be very different economically, socially, philosophically, historically, educationally or culturally, and of course, each person, based on their information, thinks that their personal understanding of leisure is the ideal definition.

In general, leisure in English is derived from Leisure and from the Latin word License, which means to be free. In the general definition of leisure, it can be said that leisure is a time of human awakening during which there is no job activity and duty and man can spend it as he wishes. Three definitions are used in this definition:

First, leisure is part of the human awakening time, meaning that sleep as a biological need is not part of leisure time.
Secondly, there is no job obligation in leisure. Therefore, time spent on work and responsibilities is not part of leisure time.
Thirdly, spending leisure time is shaped by human desire and compulsion is not or should not be.
What you will learn in this virtual training for leisure management and recreational sports:
≡ Definitions, theories and history of leisure

≡ Different types of leisure time, factors affecting how leisure time is spent and how it is spent in a number of countries

≡ Benefits of healthy recreation and recreational sports, characteristics of recreational sports, positive effects of recreational sports on body, mind and mind

. Leisure and recreational sports for certain groups

≡ Pathology of leisure and recreational sports

≡ Management solutions

Who is this course for:
This course has no restrictions and is suitable for all people.
Prerequisites for Leisure Management and Recreational Sports Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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