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  • November 10, 2021
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Riding Bike E-Learning

Virtual cycling training is a fun and inexpensive, fun sport. If we ignore its attractive official competitions such as the Tour de France. It is common for public transportation, especially for environmentalists. And also for those who want to have a fit and fit body.

This training course is for those who want to experience championship cycling competitions at a professional level. And by learning its instructive points from two world-renowned coaches in this field, they can compete for the championship. It is also for those who think of strengthening their muscles, especially leg muscles, as well as having the beauty of their limbs through aerobic cycling exercises.

Essential bicycle equipment:

  • One should not use any bicycle. Unless he is able to stop the vehicle on a dry, flat and clean street surface with a brake.
  • No one should ride a bicycle on the highway with the handlebars so high that the rider has to raise his arms above shoulder height to get the brakes.
  • No one should ride a bicycle whose size makes it difficult for them to stop safely.
  • Every cyclist must be able to put at least one foot on the ground when stopping and be in a safe position.

The goal of the World Cycling Union is to develop the sport at all levels, from professional competitions to the use of bicycles in recreational activities and their use as a vehicle.

Virtual cycling training course topics:

  • How to learn to ride a bike.
  • Cycling injuries
  • Investigation of deaths due to cycling
  • Urban thoroughfares Cycling routes
  • Bicycle and nature
  • Criteria for location and design of cycling routes
  • Bike Repair And Maintenance
  • Road Cycling And Racing

Prerequisites for a cycling training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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