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  • November 10, 2021
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Skimming E-Learning

Virtual speed reading training was after he used his hand as a factor in speeding up reading. Evelyn Wood first taught her studies at the University of Ottawa. And a year later, he launched his public education suite in Washington. He registered this skill and technique in his own name in 1960 and called this method speed reading.

This course teaches you the skills of learning, reading and hacking your memory. It gives you the power to learn anything and everything faster and more efficiently. Whether you are a student, a professional, or a new job, you have to deal with increasing information and knowledge. We have all experienced frustration with reading a growing list, trying to learn a new language, or forgetting things you even learned on your favorite subjects.

This course is about improving your ability to quickly or effectively learn new skills or information. We also provide advanced memory techniques to deal with the mass of information you are able to process. The core of this course includes 3 “extraordinary skills”. High-comprehension reading speed (+ 80%), memory techniques for storing and remembering large amounts of information quickly and accurately, developing cognitive infrastructure for long-term support of this new information

more details:
Historians refer specifically to a schoolteacher and researcher named Evelyn Wood. In the 1950s, the question arose as to why some people typically read faster than others. That’s how Wood forced himself to read faster. 1958 when Wood was tired of trying to speed up. Coincidentally, he realized that reading a text helps the eye by moving his hand under the lines. To have more focus and speed and move more smoothly on the lines.

When we increase our reading speed and learn so-called speed reading by learning mental strategies, we gradually gain the ability to quickly learn new material and read more books in less time. Speed ​​reading is an acquired activity. By learning a few tricks and doing repetitive exercises, we can easily learn them. This technique is used not only in the field of reading books, but also in reading and reading messages, emails and work reports, newspapers and scientific articles, and increases our speed in doing things.

What you will learn in the virtual speed reading tutorial:

  • You learn to read almost 3 times as fast as a college graduate with above average comprehension and memorization.
  • You will master exactly the same skills you gain in world competitions – skills that can memorize thousands of data points in order.
  • You will learn how to process and internalize information in a completely effective way and how to use them for any skill you want.

Techniques to increase concentration in speed reading methods

  • Use of hands
  • Distraction
  • Use of music
  • Having a short break

Who is suitable for the virtual speed reading course:

  • Anyone who wishes can learn more effectively
  • People who love learning
  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Enthusiasts

Prerequisites for the virtual speed reading training course:

  • Students should be able to master their native language and read it easily. Although these skills can be used in any language, the content will be in English.
  • Tendency to push yourself, break old habits and have a strong desire to succeed.

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