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  • November 10, 2021
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Social Emergency Agent E_learning

Social Emergency Officer Virtual Training: In every society, measures are taken and programs are developed and implemented to meet the needs of the people and solve or reduce their problems. Our country is no exception to this rule. Although these programs can vary from country to country, what is important is that appropriate issues and solutions can be identified and implemented. One of these programs in the Islamic Republic of Iran is the “Social Emergency Program”, which is the result of several years of activity of the Welfare Organization.

Social emergency goals

  • Making the specialized and emergency services of the welfare organization available to the members of the community
  • Improving the capabilities of vulnerable and socially disadvantaged people to deal with social issues in critical situations through the provision of specialized and timely services
  • Creating the ground for the participation of people and non-governmental organizations
  • Promoting family and social awareness of the needs of clients to facilitate the problem-solving process in critical situations
  • Identification of harmful areas and centers and specialized measures in crisis resolution
  • Identify emerging and emerging social ills
  • Effective intervention to reduce crime and prevent the escalation of crisis and social harm and reduce injuries to vulnerable and socially disadvantaged

Social emergency target groups

  • Divorced couples and people with acute family disputes
  • Women and girls at risk of social harm or social harm
  • People who intend to commit suicide or have attempted suicide.
  • Street children and work
  • Abused spouses
  • Abused children
  • Patients with sexual identity disorder
  • Runaway girls and boys
  • Other people of all ages who are in a special critical situation.

List of social emergency officer virtual training courses:

Prerequisites for this course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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