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  • November 10, 2021
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Starting A Business With LNSIE Method E-Learning

Virtual training for starting a business using the LNSIE method is an aptitude for starting a business using the LNSIE method in the field of finance and business and includes the following tasks: identifying work-life skills, identifying entrepreneurial and business concepts, implementing the business start-up process Work is a business improvement and business development and is related to entrepreneurship.

The start-up course of the lens method, by creating a positive motivation for excellence and personal, social and economic development, guides the participant to achieve career aspirations and goals and is a combined model that while strengthening the working life skills of individuals, the necessary knowledge in In particular, it teaches the creation, management, improvement and development of businesses using various local micro-business networking models.

LNSIE is a comprehensive and purposeful program that promotes people’s work-life skills and business knowledge through a series of training-executive activities and leads them to create, grow or develop market-oriented activities. The meaning of its abbreviations is as follows:

L: Life skills job

N: KNowledge Business Business knowledge

S: Startup Business Startup a business

I: Improve Business Growth

E: Expand Business Business development

List of lens startup business startup topics:

Identify work-life skills

Identify work-life skills

Identify the concepts of entrepreneurship and business

Implement the business start-up process

Improve business

Virtual lens startup business training course is useful for the following disciplines:

Senior Business Manager DBA

Business Manager MBA

Business Management


Executive Management

Social worker

social Sciences


consultation and guidance

Prerequisites for this course:

The lens startup course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the ground up.

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