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  • November 10, 2021
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Teaching Methods And Techniques E-Learning

Virtual learning teaching methods and techniques, man is a thinking and knowledgeable creature. He is the only creature capable of conscious education. And by believing in the principle of metacognition (which learning is desirable in itself), it seeks to increase self-awareness and self-knowledge. From the beginning of human existence until now, methods and techniques in education and learning have been common and variable as a continuous and permanent thing. And in different eras, man has used various tools to facilitate learning and transfer of concepts. Learners learn by listening, seeing, asking and answering, and applying what they have learned. And accordingly, the appropriate educational method is selected.

There are many teaching methods, each of which has a detailed and long description, each teaching method alone has advantages and disadvantages, and therefore it is often recommended to use a set of teaching and training methods to efficiency and Be more effective. The teaching method is from the field of “methodological” sciences, which has a more practical aspect and is formed based on creativity and innovation of the teacher, but in the training course, teaching methods and techniques are presented to optimize teaching, which is the result of successful teachers’ experiences. And is compatible with general scientific and intellectual laws.

List of Virtual Education Course Topics Teaching Methods and Techniques:

  • Educational planning
  • Teaching techniques
  • Teaching methods 1
  • Teaching methods 2

The course of teaching methods and techniques is useful for the following disciplines:
Teacher training
And all disciplines related to teaching and learning
Prerequisites for the course: Teaching methods and techniques:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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