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  • November 10, 2021
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Workplace Organization (5S) E-Learning

Virtual workplace management training (5S), 5S is one of the systems that according to many experts, the basic and the cornerstone of other quality and production systems such as TPM, TQM, QCC, TQC, HACCP, JIT, ISO9000, ISO14000… Be. It is recommended that companies implement the principles of the 5S grooming system before implementing such systems. However, in global management standards, including ISO, due to its comprehensiveness and generality, a specific system and method is not specifically mentioned. However, some of its requirements are such that it is completely and effectively achieved by using a special technique and method.

Among these systems and tools is 5S. 5S is a good way to achieve many global management standards, including the ISO series, due to the breadth of the concept and its inclusion of various dimensions such as order, identification and tracking, safety, cleanliness, training, discipline, recovery and improvement. The importance and position of the 5S can be clearly seen in the clauses of 2000: ISO9000 standard. The 5S is native to Japan and has gradually penetrated Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Despite its simplicity, the 5S concept plays a major role in improving quality and improving productivity.

5S is a way to organize the workplace. And the first letter consists of 5 Japanese words:
Seiri (reorganization) == Transfer of unnecessary and unused equipment to another place
Seiton (order) == Putting essentials in the right places with quick access
Seiso (cleanliness) == Cleanliness of places and objects
Seiketsu (standardization) == A way to maintain and maintain the three principles of cleanliness, order and organization and standardization of regulations
Shitsuke == Getting used to maintaining proper working methods

List of virtual workplace training course topics:
Prerequisites for a workplace organization training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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