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  • November 10, 2021
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Workplace Problem Solving

Workplace problem solving virtual training: Workplace problem solving provides a systematic way to think about problems and turn them into effective solutions. Whether you are a manager or team leader, business owner or volunteer, your job will involve solving problems. It is not always easy. There are problems in various forms. They keep coming and we sometimes do not have time to solve one problem before another. Result? An endless cycle of “firefighting”, which makes it difficult to find real solutions.

Take time to reflect on and develop your problem-solving skills. What does it mean to have a problem? What does it mean to capture an issue? How can we understand the problems we face? How can we look at them in different ways? And how can a problem be turned into a practical solution?

When the problem is simple, the solution will be clear and there is no need to go through four steps. But when we face a complex problem, it becomes necessary to follow this approach, because we are dealing with a set of related issues. There are many tools to help you get a clear picture of a situation. This tool provides a better understanding of what is happening. Dependency charts are very effective for organizing different pieces of information on common topics and finding the relationship between them. Another popular tool in this field is the cause and effect diagram. To create practical solutions, we must have a coherent understanding of reason. This tool helps us to think about the many different factors involved in a problem.

What you will learn in the virtual workplace problem-solving course:

  • Learn a complete way to solve problems in the workplace
  • Specify the styles you want to solve problems
  • Take ownership of problems with more confidence
  • Create a more versatile approach to problem solving
  • Change your perception of problems
  • Solve problems with more logic and creativity
  • Create practical solutions to real problems

Four main steps in problem-solving skills

  • Problem definition
  • Create solutions
  • Evaluate and select solutions
  • Implement and implement solutions

People’s approach to problems in the workplace

  • Anxiety and worry come to them, they feel uncomfortable and wish this problem would be solved on their own.
  • They feel that they have to find a solution to this problem and this solution will lead to the right solution.
  • They look for someone around them to blame the problem.

Virtual training course for solving the problem of suitable work environment for whom:

  • Anyone with managerial or team leadership responsibilities
  • Managers who have recently been promoted and are looking to develop their skills
  • Hiring graduates who are looking to expand their competitiveness in the job market
  • Volunteers and non-profit support staff

Prerequisites for the workplace problem solving training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites for training.

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