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  • November 11, 2021
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Application Of Statistics In Management E-Learning

Virtual technology management training is designed to familiarize people with the impact of technology management. Management of Technology (MOT) is an interdisciplinary specialty that integrates basic sciences, engineering, humanities, and management knowledge and methods, with a focus on technology as a source of wealth creation. In another definition, technology management means the management of systems that contribute to the creation, acquisition and use of technology.

Technology management is a very important topic that means transferring technology to a specific goal. This is a fundamental issue that connects science, engineering and management. Technology management is also the activities related to the acquisition of technology through research and development or technology transfer, localization and application of technology in the products and services of an enterprise. Technology management is a system that facilitates the creation, acquisition and use of technology and includes a specific responsibility that directs activities to serve human beings and meet human needs.

Technology Management History:
The field of technology management was first introduced in 1981 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at the graduate level. Since then, dozens of universities have launched a variety of courses in various fields of study, including short multi-day courses to specialized doctoral courses. And now hundreds of national and international organizations, including professional associations, educational institutions, consulting companies and the like in the field of technology management, are active in different countries.

Dimensions of technology management:
Technology management has important dimensions that you must learn to learn this management because they are of particular importance. These dimensions include the following.

National dimension: In this sector, it is engaged in shaping public policies.

Organizational dimensions: In this section, it deals with the creation and consolidation of competitive organizations.

Individual dimensions: In this section, it will help to promote individual value in society.

Technology management framework
Identify technologies that are important to the organization.
Choosing the right technology.
Buy selected technology.
Utilize technology to create profits.
Protect the knowledge and experience used.
What field is this course suitable for:
Industry Management
Prerequisites for Virtual Technology Management Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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