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  • November 11, 2021
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COMFAR Software E-Learning

Kamfar software virtual training, business plan and revenue forecasting and cost estimation of industrial, mining, agriculture, infrastructure, maritime and projects are done using Kamfar software. Kamfar specialized software is a computer program that is a research project. Supports pre-operation and makes it easy to organize and calculate financial and economic reports.

This software is designed based on feasibility studies, or in other words, justifiability or feasibility or not of the plan and opportunity studies for each industrial and mining plan. The results of this software indicate the economic attractiveness of the project based on the limited or unlimited economic budget of the implementing organization.

Kamfar software virtual training course topics:

  • Teaching concepts related to how to prepare reports
  • Provide information for a new project to enter information in COMFAR as a Workshop
  • Analysis and review of financial statements
  • Define a development plan for data entry in COMFAR software
  • Economic analysis in COMFAR software
  • Use new COMFAR sections
  • Teaching basic concepts and variables of Comfar software
  • Teaching how to collect the basics and assumptions required by Kamfar software
  • Learn how to select Select Results, Calculation, Show Results and Print Report from Kamfar software
  • Training on how to analyze the outputs of Kamfar software
  • Learn how to fix Errors created in the output of Kamfar software
  • Teaching how to do economic analysis through Kamfar software
  • Analyze the profit and loss statement of financial statements
  • Analyze and review the cash flow chart of financial statements
  • Analyze and review notes related to financial statements
  • Define and calculate financial ratios
  • Define and calculate activity ratios
  • Define and calculate numerical ratios

Prerequisites for Kamfar software training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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