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  • November 11, 2021
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Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA) – Strategic Management E-Learning

DBA Virtual Education Tourism DBA stands for Doctorate of Business Administration. But it is completely different from the doctorate in engineering and basic sciences. The purpose of this course is to develop research skills along with the principles of applying managerial knowledge to solve organizational problems. The audience of this course was senior managers, consultants and instructors in the field of management. After passing it, he gained a deep understanding of management knowledge in the fields of marketing, strategic thinking and human resources. Learn the methods of applying managerial knowledge to solve organizational problems. Develop your organizational leadership skills. And enhance their decision-making and thinking capabilities in times of crisis.

DBA and Ph.D. differences:
The aim of the specialized doctoral course in engineering and basic sciences is to produce new knowledge based on laboratory or library research. While in the DBA course, the student has learned the principles of research and investigation in the complications of the organization with an executive approach. In addition to developing managerial knowledge, acquire the skills to implement this knowledge in order to solve problems in the business environment. DBA graduates can lead large organizations. To conduct research for the development of management sciences and to act as a consultant to solve the organizational problems of important businesses.

DBA Virtual Training Course in Tourism:
This course includes 2 introductory parts of 300 hours and advanced 300 hours. And to applicants who benefit from the educational content and successfully pass the evaluation. 2 separate certificates (introductory and advanced, each lasting 300 hours) are awarded.

  • Due to the high credibility of the Iranian Virtual Education Foundation and the high level of education, the certificates of this foundation have the ability of official translation with the seal of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And it is very useful for immigration purposes, job promotion, resume and personal reputation.

Prerequisites for DBA course in Tourism:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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