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  • November 11, 2021
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Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA)Management E-Learning

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Virtual Training: Designed to provide an opportunity for business leaders, managers, and professionals to pursue the next step beyond their MBA or equivalent degree. The purpose of this course is to strengthen the management skills and knowledge of senior managers of organizations. So the atmosphere of the DBA course is based on business and commerce. Therefore, the PhD degree is suitable for people who want to become a professional researcher or university lecturer in the field of management, while the DBA course focuses on the skills of managers trying to improve managers and training in business.

DBA and PhD differences:
The aim of the specialized doctoral course in basic sciences and engineering is to produce new knowledge based on research in laboratory or library fields, so that in the DBA course, the student learns the principles of research in the organization in an executive way in addition to expanding Management knowledge acquired performance skills in this regard. Graduates of the Professional Business Management course can take on the management of large organizations, conduct research to develop management science and act as consultants to solve important business organizational problems.

Benefits of excellent and professional business management:

  • The field of business management has a good market – the need of any organization for people who have a degree in business management.
  • Ability to perform a custom task
  • Ability to set up consulting organizations in the business sector

List of Vocational Training Top Higher Professional Business Management:
Principles and foundations of organization and management

Principles and bases of planning

Principles and foundations of knowledge management

_ Basics of starting a business

Principles and bases of decision making

Principles and foundations of research method

Principles and foundations of economics

Principles and foundations of successful negotiation

_ The writing rules. Grammar

_ Human resources management

_ knowledge management

_ Management and organization

Creativity management

Higher and professional business management course is useful for the following fields:
Prerequisites for excellent and professional business management training course:
_ MBA Business Management

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