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  • November 11, 2021
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Effective Management Of Training By Implementing ISO 10015 E-Learning

Virtual management training is an effective training to implement ISO 10015 to organize and plan the training process in organizations. If the training process is established according to this standard, it can be the most effective way to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the training process. This standard describes how to design a four-step process, including needs assessment, implementation, and evaluation of training effectiveness.

In any organization, the use of education is considered essential. Training management provides the required training with integrated needs assessment and planning to enable employees to adapt to changes, learn and practice negotiation and sales methods for sales and marketing partners, understand and gain skills in applying the technique. New innovations, learning the necessary skills for the technical and maintenance departments.

Due to the fact that companies annually allocate training budgets for the human resources unit, they appoint an experienced and trained person as the job of training management to organize this procedure.

Benefits of effective management course for implementing ISO 10015:
Teaching new skills and techniques to professors and teachers
Identify the educational problems and dilemmas of the organization
Provide practical and executive solutions
Increase the educational effectiveness of organizations
List of topics of the effective management training course for implementing ISO 10015:

  • Training and explanation of ISO 10015 standard
  • ISO 10015: Tips for training
  • Lay out the basics of the policy
  • Educational needs assessment
  • Educational planning
  • The role of education in organizational transformation
  • Educational management
  • ISO 10015 audit checklist

Effective management course of ISO 10015 implementation training is useful for the following disciplines:

Public and private organizations, offices, institutions and companies

Prerequisites for effective management course of ISO 10015 implementation training:

This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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