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  • November 11, 2021
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Entrepreneurship Management E-Learning

Entrepreneurship Management virtual training course to achieve innovation and use the deadlines with a lot of effort and effort along with accepting financial, psychological and social risks that lead to financial gain, gain, personal satisfaction and independence is done.

Entrepreneurs born with these managerial skills come from a rare breed of people with intelligence, a great heart and creative skills. They have vision and self-confidence, communicate well with unlimited energy and have a strong desire for what they do.

Participants in this course should have practical work experience in one of the private, public and public sectors. Entrepreneurship graduates as lecturers, managers of institutions, researchers and entrepreneurship management specialists with entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitudes enter the socio-economic fields of the country and help accelerate the process of sustainable national development.

Benefits of Virtual Entrepreneurship Management Training Course:
Your destiny is in your own hands.
Distinguish yourself from others.
Develop your innate abilities.
Do not underestimate the financial benefits.
Enjoy what you do.
List of Entrepreneurship Management Virtual Training Course Topics:
Definitions of entrepreneurship

Basics of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship theories

_ Fundamentals of information creation

Entrepreneurship management

Theories of entrepreneurial management

Entrepreneurship and business management

Opportunism in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and sociology

_ organizational behavior

_ Management of Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior Management 2

Organizational behavior management and human resources

_ Principles of marketing

_ Pricing strategies

The economy of culture and globalization

Creating a business

_ e-commerce

Instant marketing

_ Develop a business plan

_ Create a team

Global Entrepreneurship Report

Entrepreneurship management is useful for the following disciplines:
Information Technology
public relations
Electronics business
Prerequisites for Entrepreneurship Management Training Course:
business management
Strategic management of entrepreneurship

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